Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book?

A. Bookings are taken for academic year and summer via our online booking forms which can be found on our web site on the Book Now and Summer accommodation page.

Q. How far is it to UCC?

A. Seven North Mall is two minutes walk from Music Dept, Psychology Dept, Tyndall Institute, and 8 minutes walk from the main UCC campus.

Q. What other third level colleges are near?

A. Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork College of Commerce, Cork School of Music, St. John’s Central College are all within a 10 minute walk, and MTU is a short bus ride away.

Q. Is Smoking allowed?

A. No, the entire complex is non-smoking, and all rooms are fitted with smoke detectors.

Q. Are there shops nearby?

A. Yes, there are a selection of shops/supermarkets within 2 minutes walk.

Q. Is there internet access?        

A. Seven North Mall supplies free Wi-Fi access throughout the complex.

Q.  How can I contact management?

A.   The accommodation manager is available from 9.30 am to 1pm & 2pm to 5 pm Monday to Friday either by telephone on (0)21 4279729 or by email at [email protected].

Q. Is there a place for my bicycle?

A. All bicycles can be locked on the covered bicycle racks located in the secure inner courtyard.

Q. Are credit cards accepted?

A. No. The methods of payment that we accept are cheque, bank transfer or cash paid at reception only.

Q.  How do we get to Seven North Mall from the airport?

A.  You have two options

a)   You can get a Taxi direct costing approximately €30.
b)   You can get a bus into the city centre for approximately €8 and then a taxi to the North Mall for approximately €8.00.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

All Tenants: A cancellation charge of €50 applies up to 12th July 2024. After this date the full deposit is non-refundable, all cancellations must be made by email.

 Q. What if I leave early?

A.  The booking/security deposit will not be refunded if a student decides to leave before the period of residence is complete. Rate payments will only be refunded if the room is re-let.

Q.  Can I deduct booking deposit from rate payment?

A.  No, deposit and rate are two separate payments.

Q. Are there laundry facilities?

A. Yes, every apartment has washer/dryers for laundry facilities. There is no extra charge.

Q. Is there a TV?

A. Yes, there is a TV in the sitting room of every dwelling.